Environmentally friendly product - paper wallpaper


The most popular among wallpapers wallpaper paper type. They are most often used in bedrooms, corridors, living rooms, halls and lobby. Paper canvas are released smooth and relief, with applied images or clean under the subsequent staining. It is environmentally safe, so it can be applied even in children's rooms. Unfortunately, each medal also has a reverse side, in this case the canvas quickly flashes into the sun and is not subject to wet cleaning. In addition to single-layer wallpapers, there are so-called duplex, which consist of several paper layers impregnated with special composition. The coating of this type is more resistant tolerates the effect of light and water, it can be repeatedly stained and has a characteristic embossed texture.

Punching paper wallpaper is a frequent and demanded procedure. The surface is pre-ground, purified from dust and dried, then coated with adhesive composition and plans on the surface depending on the type: smooth - brass, and relief - jack. From above, the wallpaper is covered with water-emulsion composition. The paper canvas is very thin, it is easily sticking and rushing, so it requires a neat and attentive relationship.

Wallpapers from paper reduce sound permeability and thermal conductivity of the surface on which are placed. Of the minuses, you can note only their briefness, they serve about five years, although some Western samples can maintain aesthetic appearance and basic properties up to fifteen years. Paper should not be used where humid air accumulates, in the rooms of pools and bathrooms. The current variety of textures and colors allows you to select suitable materials for the premises of any destination. Professionals gifted by artistic tastes use the possibilities of an extensive range of wallpaper wallpaper to transform space, creatively combining within the framework of a single room to several types and types of wallpaper. Wallpapering of two colors is often used by designers in order to beat unusual layouts or on the contrary to refresh the monotonous plane. Combination is subject to both the wallpaper of various textures within one shade and canvas of various colors with similar patterns.

It is important to remember that the wallpaper is selected according to the purpose of the premises. Paper wallpapers are suitable for cosmetic repairs, and the fact that they will have to be updated periodically, only on the hand to those who do not like monotony. kiev.natashaescort.com/en/